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Embrace the essence of homemade fashion with our collection of tees, trousers, and hoodies. Our store is dedicated to offering carefully crafted garments that exude comfort, style, and individuality.

How to care for your organic Supima cotton T-shirt

Tips to help keep your T-shirt stay looking in its prime for a long, long time. The search is over.  You’ve found the perfect organic Supima cotton T-shirt. It fits...

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Why we do things slowly.

We’re firm believers in this hands-on, highly detailed approach. Not just because it produces better quality garments but it’s also better for you and our planet. 

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The supima cotton T-shirt you’ve never met before.

We’re launching our very first T-shirt.  Designed with the same quiet confidence as the rest of our Essentials collection, we’ve spent hours refining our T-shirts to make them versatile, durable...

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A day in the life at the factory

From the first stitch to the last cut, join us for a day on the factory floor at CWT. 

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The humble T-shirt in five iconic moments of fashion history

Durable, comfortable and versatile, the humble T-shirt is so much more than a wardrobe basic. It’s been used as a symbol of rebellion, solidarity and sheer simplicity. Here are some...

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The story of how a small city in the Midlands made enough clothes for the world

A potted history of how Leicester once clothed the world.  

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There’s more to a properly good hoodie than meets the eye

How do you make the perfect organic cotton hoodie? The short answer? extra long staple organic cotton, thousands of stitches and a whole lot of love.  Getting simplicity right is a...

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The history of our family-run T-shirt factory

Our family business started in a coal shed. 3 generations later and we’re still at it

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Rediscover homemade

Leicester, born and bred

In our family, everyone knows about textiles. I’m Karandeep, founder of CWT. My grandads started making T-shirts here in Leicester in the 60’s. Since then, me and three generations of my entire family, have all ended up in the rag trade too. You could say it’s just in our blood. 

Three generations but just one city, a city that used to clothe the world. We want Leicester’s reputation back, for our community, for our customers and for the future we all want. We’re here to make the best, most sustainable T-shirts and sweats there are, right here on the bricks that Leicester was built on.