Leicester's Own Hands

Leicester Born and Bred

Our grandads came to Leicester in the 60’s and by chance and bit of luck fell into making T-shirts. Today, we’re still at it. To us, a factory’s much more than just churning out clothes. It’s family, community and work, done by real hands, to the highest standard there is. It's more than just a t-shirt to us. It's a legacy, our family's legacy.

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English Craftsmanship

Hand Made in England

Craftsmanship is a word for quality, provenance, purpose and products with character.

We don't cut corners when it comes to craftsmanship. From provenance to the end product, we know exactly what it takes to make properly good jerseywear.

What we don’t know about jerseywear isn’t worth knowing. The fit, the fabric, the final stitch, and even the packaging. We’ve spent decades manufacturing and we’ve seen it all. We understand that it requires time to make a product with skill and care at every step but it's totally worthwhile for the end result.
We believe the more effort we put into our T-shirts, hoodies and sweats, the more you'll get out of them. We’re here to make the finest quality, eco-friendly, all-out best jerseywear around.

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Superb Legacy

Leicester Used to Clothe the World

We’re done with cheap imports and a bad reputation. Leicester used to clothe the world and we’re living proof that you can still make a superb product without exploiting anyone. We’re here to champion Leicester, craftsmanship and leave a great legacy. We’re after a positive change and we’re ready to lead the way.

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