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Free Shipping and Returns

1 Sale = 1 Tree Planted

Luxury Essentials


 My family has been manufacturing luxury cotton t-shirts in England since the 1970s, knowledge, and skills passed down over 3 generations, constantly refining the fit, the fabric, and the finishing to make the best t-shirt in class. We use an extra-long-staple Supima Cotton which is 40% softer and 30% stronger than normal cotton. 

Luxury T-Shirts and Sweats

Supima Cotton Tshirts, Made in Leicester.

A tshirt is not just a tshirt. Some cost less to buy than they do to make. Some fall apart the minute you wear them. And some get more attention than the people who made them.

Not ours.

We know tshirts inside out. We’ve been making them for over 50 years, right here in Leicester, a city renowned for clothing the world.

The fibres, the fabric, the stitching, the pressing, we know every single part of the process. We know every name behind every machine and every hand packing every order. We know every design detail, every stitch, even who’s making that final cup of tea to finish the shift.

For us, a world-class tshirt is the only tshirt there should be. One that looks and feels outstanding and gets better every time you wash it. Instead of taking, it gives something back. Instead of disappointing, it makes you feel like a king.

With tshirts, world-class is the only class. Because a tshirt is not just a tshirt.